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About us

From a wide and proven experience in the implementation of technological innovation projects, business management, and a deep knowledge in the field of free software, we structure a strong platform for creating an own hardware, enthusiasts and disclosure with transgressive serving users and developers vocation.
Our mission as a team is to facilitate the performance of this platform as a link in the chain of building open hardware, and to assist in the growth of a free community in the use of new technology.

“… That in the near future, mankind led machines that will control the world. ”

Join us as a user and as a developer involved in the dissemination of our technology.


Open-source Software
Open-source Hardware

About us

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”. Peter Drucker.

Juanjo Ciruelos

CEO & co-founder

Extensive experience in implementation and management works of multinational leaders in technological innovation projects.

Moncho Pena

CTO Developer & co-founder

Expert free software programmer, websocket communication specialist and automation trainer.

Diego Cadiñanos

COO & co-founder

Technical project manager in the environmental field and vocational entrepreneur.

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