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Internet of Things: the new growth engine for your project.


Our platform is moving towards a constant specialization in Free Technology and Connectivity, developing and adding unique resources at your disposal.

IInternet of things is a challenge for many companies that can benefit a wide range of opportunities for new growth and resource optimization.   On the basis of your project on Internet Of Things are software, hardware and communications websocket websocket, and therefore, we have much to contribute to convert the challenge into opportunity.

We are specialists in connecting the unconnected.

Wentook Conector 1.0

As a result of our expertise and reliability of resources we offer the wentook universal connector 1.0.

Login with your smartphone or tablet device from anywhere in the world is now possible.



Our expertise is available for your project, and the previous steps taken by us can help you go your own path.

You pose your questions and we´ll present the alternative and direct solutions to join Internet of Things.


¿What do you need to connect?

We can provide you the access to any device from your smartphone or tablet.
You propose the chance. We connected it.
Send us your idea.


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