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Wentook Connector 1.0

Our first product IOT

Simple and useful

Turn your smartphone into a home automation management central, giving access to the devices from any location.


Take control and image of everything in your home, work or business life.

Easy to use

A small device that is connected to the home network and is configurable in a few steps

When will be available?

If you are interested in having the CW 1.0 register or contact us, we are happy to upgrade the information regarding the date of availability.
Keep me informed

CW 1.0 connects:

  • IP Cameras for obtaining and recording images from any location you want.
  • Electrical devices that can be remotely activated, from a simple on and off of lights to the control of an industrial process, through effective environmental management.
  • SIP sensors, with readings and accurate recordings of monitored environments in temperature, humidity, C02, etc, during the time period you choose.
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