Reading a text from an image. Open-Source (OCR) Optical Character Recognition

reading_from_image_to_text copia (2) copia II  Digitization of information (texts, images, sounds, etc.) has increased interest in many areas of society.

  In the case of texts, continuously large amounts of written information is generated in all media. In this context, to automate character input without using a keyboard implies significant savings in human resources and increases productivity and improves the quality of many services.

  The basic process carried out in the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is to convert the text on a picture in a text file which can be edited and used as such by any other program or application you need.

  To Wentook it seems to be a very interesting and valueable topic, and in this publication we show how we do it. In the video you’ll find two options to read text from an image captured with a webcam.

Open-Source Code link.

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